Prayer Ponderings : FRESH !

Nothing like the advantages of Summer for FRESH ! Fresh veggies and fruit so we can get a kick start to shaking off that winter pound ( or two ), Fresh perspectives as we plan new ventures or vacations, and Fresh opportunity to " grow " our relationships  ( even seeing neighbors we haven't had a chance to barely wave to since last fall !!!). 

God's Word reminds us that "NOW is the acceptable time to seek the Lord for (continuous) salvation"  .(2Corinthians 6 ). Don't get me wrong...if I were to come across this verse in mid-winter I wouldn't wait till summer !!! Consider that all day, actually 24/7, the ONE WHO CREATED us is standing by ready to accept our love, hear us sing His praises, hear our prayers, meet our every need and so much more. Just as our gardens and flowers need attention, pulling weeds, fresh watering, through the summer, so does our relationship with God our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit not only need our attention, but deserves  our first focus .

A recent devotional reminded me that it is only when I turn over my need to control my surroundings, stop worrying about things I have no control of, and  settle into the Peace of His PRESENCE am I fully available to HIM. Available to seek His Face, available to experience His Love, and available to receive His direction. My heart's desire this season is to follow after Him so closely that I don't miss a single opportunity to carry out His Plan for me !

LORD ! Thank You for ALL You continue to BE and to Show me. Grow me through this season of life . Holy Spirit, help me experience a FRESH touch of Your Power and Enthusiasm to seek and serve, and to encourage those you send across my path ! I relinquish to You THIS acceptable Day !